Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Blog Post #9 What can we learn from Ms Cassidy?

Ms. Kathy Cassidy is a First Grade teacher in Moose Jaw, Canada. She uses technology in her classroom full of six year olds. Not only is she a true trailblazer of technology, she is also an advocate for technology. In watching the interviews with her, it is very clear that she knows a great deal about it. It is truly amazing to see those kids using blogs and wikis as if they were adults. I think that it is great that she also mentions how much support she had when starting her webpage and blogs in her class. By the end of the school year, her students are not only able to blog properly but they also use wiki's and are able to navigate on a computer as good as any adult. My classroom will be similar to Ms. Cassidys. Not only will my students be using computers, they will also be blogging. I really like the fact that she stresses the importance of students learning online and with computers. With technology evolving more and more each day, it only makes sense to have a classroom where technology can be easily accessed.

Ms. Cassidy's students are so much ahead of the curve as far as learning with technology. She starts them early and I like the fact that she is so positive about the students learning. Although she has been teaching with technology for over 10 years now, she still keeps the students busy with new and ever learning technological projects. Ms. Cassidy is a perfect example of a teacher making a difference which is what I want to do as a teacher. Overall, I like how Ms.Cassidy teaches and I have learned a great deal from the interviews and video.

Monday, March 17, 2014

Blog Post # 8 Learning and Communication Tools in the 21st Century

As time has passed, it seems like EVERYTHING has gotten either faster or smaller. This can not be more apparent than in the field of technology. Technology is an ever growing field in today's society. So as with anything with time, technology has affected the field of teaching IMMENSLY! With 21st century tools like portable computers(PC), Smart Board Technology, and other tools, teachers and students can access almost anything. Its amazing to see how much technology has changed teaching. There are also other social networking tools that anyone can use as well and I will be explaining them as I divulge into 21st century learning and communicating.


The evolution of teaching has affected the way students learn as well. Now students access information in many different ways as the internet has evolved into a literal machine. No matter what happens, I can guarantee one thing. Technology will continue to evolve and continue to get more advanced. With major web search engine, google, any information a student would need is accessible. Although there are other search engines, the point is that information is not only more accessible but its faster than ever to access. Therefore, research can be done amazingly quick.

E-Learning is a term that refers to the evolution of learning in the 21st Century. E-Learning has not only become very common, it is very popular. Through E-Learning, many different institutions have classes online for people who do not feel that learning in a class room is best for them so getting an education is a possibility for anyone who applies themselves. Students may also use such websites like YouTube for informational or how to video's. The tools that the internet can provide are virtually endless. Not only has it evolved with computers but, students can now download apps on his/her phone and access school information through his/her cellular device.

Social Networking Tools

Social Networking tools such as Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook are trending now more than ever. Celebrities and non celebrities alike have these tools and can virtually access the world in a way that no machine can; Through the eyes of the people. People have accounts and put many different thoughts, feelings, and pictures on the public internet, therefore anyone can possibly see it. These tools also have apps that students may download on cellular devices. These apps allow for students to take pictures of anything thats happening at that moment and post it publicly. These apps also provide students to publicly voice any opinion that they want on any topic. So, with proper knowledge of technology, some of these tools can be very helpful for students and teachers. There are also sites like Blog Spot, that allow students and teachers to make blogs and can write about anything. Overall, communication tools have gotten more efficient and of course smaller and faster.

Sunday, March 2, 2014

What Can We Learn About Teaching and Learning From Randy Pausch? Blog Post #7

I think that Professor Pausch has helped provide me with insight as to become a more active learner. The ideas and views expressed in his video were very eye opening for me. As I watched this video, I realized that my dreams consists of enabling others(My Students) dreams and Mr. Pausch could not have made that more clear for me. Not only does it make me happy to see students doing things that they never could have imagined but it is so rewarding to have young people look up to you. Whether we know it or not, we all have an influence on people in our lives. Whether it is our students or peers, we affect everyone in our lives in a certain way in which we may never know. So my question is... How can I enable others dreams? I think the answer is relatively simple. Although it is easier said than done, I think that if an individual(especially a teacher) maintains a solid level of positivity, stays humble, and works hard; The dream will fulfill itself. No matter how big or small the goal, we all have to start somewhere. Mr. Pausch also made a point and said that you should always have something to bring to the table. I think that is important in that even if all you have is a good attitude, you can bring that and it could open many doors both professionally and personally. This speech by Professor Pausch was a speech that I will always remember because it was not only filled with many great ideas and suggestions but it was so real. He was being real with his audience and that it what I liked the most about the speech. Of course I will always push myself to be an "enabler" for others because it provides a good feeling for me to help someone else accomplish a goal or see someone else's dream come true to fruition. When Mr. Pausch was talking about dreams and goals and how to help others move toward accomplishing those, it really hit close to home for me because that is ultimately why I am here. I want to provide my students with the absolute BEST tools to not only accomplish personal goals but to go out and provide help for others as well. Overall, this was a great speech from Professor Pausch and I will advise my peers to go out and watch it!

Sunday, February 23, 2014

Blog Post #6 PLN's

Personal Learning Networks are a very good way to learn, collaborate, and teach. I am currently making my PLN and it has grown quite a bit since I have been in the field. I feel like this is one major reason I am here because I have certainly had my fair share of help. The more I research, the more I build my PLN. As of right now, one of my favorite tools to use is my MAC computer. It has every thing I need to succeed. I have really come a long way and have learned more about my MAC since being in EDM 310. Not only am I building my PLN (continuing to build), I have also met people in the field that I can depend on for advice and/or ideas which add to my learning network. I believe that as time passes and I continue to teach, my PLN will keep growing and I will keep learning. As I learn more, I can be more able to affect my students in more positive ways. My network is not as big as I would like it to be yet but it will be one day. I know it will be very helpful and it already is helpful in many ways. Overall, my PLN will grow as I go and I am very thankful to know that I can depend on these people or tools to help me succeed.

Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Blog Post # 5 Conversations with Anthony Capps

Mr. Anthony Capps is a Third Grade Teacher at Baldwin County Elementary. He uses Project Based Learning with his third graders. In watching the conversations and listening to the examples, I feel that it is vital to use projects in the class room as a learning tool. From what Mr. Capps said, I have learned that when I "officially" become a certified teacher, I definitely want to be a project based educator. There really are no cons about it. Well thats my opinion, but I am positive that with technology constantly evolving, it will be a need to teach from a project based prospective. Since there are standards that are set forth by the state, one has to develop projects for students that are driven by that standard content. There are more teachers that are learning more technology and in turn the teachers are using that to not only teach students but develop them as well. Overall, the videos and conversations with Mr. Capps has been a real eye opening experience because it was the testimony of an actual teacher who uses PBL, and even though it was just a videos, I learned from his examples and look forward to learning more about PBL.

Tuesday, February 11, 2014

What should teachers know about asking questions to be effective?

Teachers are supposed to ask questions, thats what they get paid for. I think that in order to ask questions effectively, one must first of all know the subject matter in which he or she is asking the question. Asking questions can be a very effective way of finding out what students REALLY know. I think it takes someone who asks the right questions effectively to actually get an honest answer. If the teacher knows the material, he/she can ask the most questions about even the smallest of details about the lesson that was assigned. Not only that, the teacher can expect the students to learn more because the teacher is confident in his/her abilities to teach on the particular subject or lesson. Every teacher has his/her own style of teaching. Whether the teacher is a math teacher or a science teacher; every teacher has strategies and shortcuts. I think that the questions must not only be relevant but be worded in a way that the student, no matter what grade level should understand.

Monday, February 3, 2014

Blog Post # 3 How can I provide meaningful feedback to my peers

I think that in providing feedback, one has to be able to not only provide good feedback, but provide that in a way that is not offensive or critical to a peer. Meaningful feedback could be anything. I think that it is essential to provide constructive criticism in a meaningful way so that my peer will take that and learn from the criticism. My feedback could be taken in many different ways so one has to be able take the criticism with a good attitude and make the necessary changes according to the feedback. But I believe that in providing the feedback, I have to show my peer what I mean and with that approach, it can be meaningful. A quality peer review is ultimately what I would like to provide for my peer. I think that when I critique one of my peers work, I will be able to not only be constructive but it will be a quality review of the work.

The videos were a very good way of learning about how to critique and provide meaningful feedback. I think that the videos were very good examples of how to not only review a peers work but also how to make the peer learn from my review. The last video was very humorous and I feel like with the kids doing the talking, it was ironic and I really liked how it was set up. Overall, I feel that the videos provided me with the essential ways on how to give my quality, positive feedback in a way that is not only educationally friendly but also constructive so that my peer will take my review for what it is and do the work to make the changes properly.

Project #3 Presentation on Project Based Learning

Monday, January 27, 2014

Blog Post #2

The central message in the video Mr.Dancealot, is to not teach like that. Not only were the students bored but they did not even know what to do because he did not really demonstrate and SHOW them how to dance. The author does make the case because they obviously know that this method or way of teaching is not effective. I do agree because I feel like the author is trying to educate people by showing how this way does not work.

I think that Robert's method of teaching in the 21st Century is very effective. I really like how he used the difference in engagement and entertainment. I think that as technology continues to evolve, the teachers should as well. In this ever changing world,I absolutely agree with using technology to our advantage. Teaching is changing and I think that these methods will help me not only be a good teacher but it will help me develop more comfortability with technology which will be great for my classroom.

In The Networked Student by Wendy Drexler, I think the main point is to connect and learn together with other students and in a way help teach each other. So why does the networked student need a teacher? Because it's the teacher that opens the students mind to the technology. Its the teachers that know the information and show the students how to get started with new technology. Its the teacher that not only pushes the students to learn more and more, but also challenges the students to WANT to learn more.

Harness your students digital smarts by Vickie Davis is video that I enjoyed watching. I think that what Ms. Davis is doing with her students very effective. Her methods of teaching and the ways that she teaches that is something that I have not seen before. I really like the fact that she challenges her students to learn. I also like the fact that she lets her class teach and learn from each other.

The methods in Flipping your students are revolutionizing education in the classroom. I think that one day, I will have to use some of the approaches used in the video. I also believe that the approach will be useful for me and for my class room. I think there will be some ups and downs with it at first but I really like the technological approach. This is the future of teaching and I will embrace it and use it for my class room.

Monday, January 20, 2014

C4T Assignment Teacher

Thomas Hobson, a Pre-school teacher from Seattle, Washington was my assigned C4T teacher. His blog about the MLK holiday was a topic that I agreed with. Like Mr. Hobson, I was also raised in a home where color did not matter. Being Native American, my ancestors were treated very poorly as well. So as native people, we appreciate the things that Dr. Martin Luther King did and the morals he stood for because his dream was for equality amongst all races. His Dream is truly coming through to fruition. Of course there are still some places where racism is still around, but for the most part, id say Dr. King would be proud. He stood for liberation and freedom and his face will always be known for changing peoples lives and changing the world!

Kids are tough

Mr. Hobson's second blog was from friday, January 17, was about children being designed for high yield activities such as playing on a play ground. Their bodies heal so much more quickly than adults. Children are not ashamed to cry which is proven to actually help in decreasing pain. I also agreed with this because, in working with children, I have seen exactly what he is talking about and understand how the children react to such conditions. It is natural for children to want to play. Although the children can get rough at times, I think that it is essential in the development of children to experience this because they learn in every situation.

Thursday, January 16, 2014

What About EDM310

When I registered for EDM310,I did not know what to expect. I feel like this class will not only challenge me, but it will make me more computer savvy. As of right now, I have no fears of this class and have not heard very much about it. In saying that, I feel like this class is going to be a great learning experience. Since technology is only getting better and more advanced, it makes sense to take this class and learn from this class. Im really not sure what the most difficult aspect of EDM310 will be, because most of it is new to me. The only way for me to address a difficult assignment or other aspect of the class will be to just do it, and im very confident that I am able to do very well in this class. I currently have no more questions about EDM310, but I am looking forward to learning more about modern day computer technology.

Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Practice Post

My passion is teaching and influencing children. I want to enter the field of education because in working as a youth counselor, I have learned a great deal about working with children and I feel like it comes natural to me to teach. It is a very rewarding field and I believe that I can really make a difference in children's lives, not only as a teacher but as a good influence. It is, however very challenging but it is an area that im very passionate about so I love the challenge. I have experience in field as well, as I currently teach Muscogee Creek Culture and history at the Fred L. Mcghee early learning center in Atmore, Al.

Another passion is coaching. I coach basketball and I also love to play basketball. I usually play 3 to 5 times per week and it keeps me active and in shape. As coach and a player I can help children understand the meaning of the game and teach the fundamentals while also teaching good values and morals. This is also very rewarding for me not only as a coach but as an admirer of the game. To see the children learning to play the game, the right way, and having fun while still learning the value and meaning of teamwork is my ultimate goal!

Second Blog

Officially a Blogger.

My Test Post Title

This is my first post. I clicked the HTML button which I should always do in EDM 310. I am now a Blogger!